Plavix commonly known as Clopidogrel and aspirin does not assist in preventing strokes. The studies were to determine whether lacunar strokes are preventable. This stroke occurs in small vessels of blood found in the brain. This stroke occurs when someone suffers from severe high blood pressure. This stroke mostly affects people with diabetes.

The use of Plavix and aspirin leads to higher risk of bleeding and death. Plavix is a drug that replaced warfarin and placebo. Studies now show that patients who take aspirin and Plavix were twice as likely to suffer from severe bleeding in the brain as those who took placebo and aspirin. Here are other effects of taking Plavix with aspirin:

1.    There was an eight percent reduction in hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke respectively. This figure is non-significant and therefore not beneficial in the prevention of strokes.

2.    The results did not support the use of Plavix and aspirin in the prevention of subcortical strokes. In fact, this high risk or bleeding discourages the use of Plavix and aspirin.

3.    There is no interaction between blood pressure and treatment of antiplatelet. This means that patients who suffered from a stroke as a result of blood pressure do not benefit from the combination of drugs Plavix and aspirin.

4.    There was a very high mortality rate with the combination of these drugs.

Experts are still researching on the best anti-clotting agents in the market to prevent subcortical strokes. Based on these studies, doctors concluded that patients should never use Plavix and aspirin together because of the severe bleeding that they cause. Additionally, they cannot prevent lacunar strokes.

There are cases where doctors decide to attempt giving two different drugs to assist the patient in recovery. The best news about studies before offering prescriptions is the fact that they offer evidence as to whether the idea can work. In this case, it did not. Doctors should not give patients who have lacunar strokes Plavix prescription. This is because they can bleed to death.

If you or your loved one is a victim of a doctor’s negligence, you have the right to file a medical malpractice suit. You will need an experienced attorney who is able to gather evidence and prove that indeed the medical malpractice case exists. An initial consultation with an attorney will allow you to explain the case and gather evidence for the case.