In order to stay healthy and keep diseases away, many people opt for dietary supplements. These allow you to get all the essential nutrients that you are not getting in your meals.  The groups of people who normally go for these supplements are those who want to lose weight or even body build. Nevertheless, there has been a problem with this practice and the Food and Drug Administration has stepped in to offer a formal warning.

Recently, the FDA announced that some of these supplements are not safe for use. They say that some of the manufacturers of these supplements do not label the ingredients on the products properly. Some even include ingredients not declared in the packaging. Therefore, consumers cannot be sure what they are taking in as supplements.

The ingredients in question include drug substances not categorized for use as dietary supplements. Consequently, they could cause harm to the user after long time use. The harmful dietary supplements are not just from one manufacturer. There are hundreds of products flagged by the FDA as dangerous.

Studies show that these products contain harmful ingredients such as steroid analogs that can cause liver problems and even cardiac arrest. Sibutramine is a substance commonly used in weight loss products but later banned due to the fact that it increases the risk of strokes. Research also shows that dietary supplements used for sexual enhancement also contain harmful ingredients.

Warnings to consumers call for them to be careful when purchasing any supplements to avoid getting any of these health problems. It is better for them to seek the input of a qualified physician. This is especially necessary if they have other underlying health conditions that could be aggravated by such ingredients. The FDA also released a list of the commercial names used in these drugs so consumers can refer and make wise purchases.

Those who have already been using the dietary supplements with harmful ingredients should stop immediately. If you have noticed any harmful side effects, see a doctor and get necessary treatment. You can also talk to a lawyer and get help in suing the manufacturers and distributors of the drugs. They are responsible for ensuring everything the pass down to the consumers is safe. Hence, if you or a loved one suffers from any of these products, you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.