You might be having a severe headache and need painkillers to relieve it. The first thing that you will do is visit a pharmacy. When you visit the pharmacy to purchase an over the counter drug, you will find original and generic drugs. There is no need to get a much expensive original drug when the generic one offers the same relief at a cheaper price. Most people will therefore usually purchase the generic drug.

Generic drugs are required to be exactly the same as the original drug. The chemical components in the drugs do not change as well as the name of the brand. The only difference is usually the money. They are a cheaper alternative to original drugs.

Generic drug makers are protected from lawsuits when they copy formulas of original brands. They also have the right to copy the labels. A new rule now requires these drug makers to change their labels so that they can indicate new information with regard to the safety and the risks associated with the drug.

In other words, they can independently write their own labels. This means that they can be subjected to lawsuits. The reason why this happened is because a victim of generic drug suffered a severe disease, sustained serious burns, lung problems and lost part of her sight when she took a painkiller.

If you are a victim of a generic drug, you should file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. It is important that you seek the services of a qualified attorney so that you can receive compensation. Since generic drugs have labels, the company can argue on condition that the injuries you suffer from are the side effects that were indicated on the label.

Your attorney can argue with evidence to show other severe injuries that you sustained after taking the medication. Here are other evidences that you will present:

1.    If you were hospitalized and suffered from life threatening injuries, your attorney will include this evidence while presenting it to the court or settlement panel. 

2.    The attorney will include the doctor’s report to prove the severity of the injuries.

3.    If you suffered a disability because of the drugs, the attorney will include it in the evidence.

4.    Pain and suffering.

Before taking any medication, generic or otherwise, it is important to read carefully the chemical components and the side effects. The chemical components will allow you to check for anything you are allergic to. Do not purchase drugs that indicate severe reactions or fatalities.