Anesthesia is important to ensure that a patient does not feel pain during a medical procedure. Major medical procedures like surgery require anesthesia. This is because procedures might proof to be very painful. Any chance to prevent the pain while the procedure is ongoing is God sent. Therefore, anesthesia is a safe and effective way of easing pain during most medical procedures.

The medical worker who administers anesthesia should stay with you throughout. He/she must monitor your bodily functions and ensure you wake up safely. There are three types of anesthesia namely general, regional and local. How can this anesthesia be an enemy?

·       Anyone under anesthesia has put his life in the surgeon’s professional hands. This process must be skilled to ensure the patient does not get any harm.

·        If a doctor or worker fails in their duty to protect a patient, such are liable for malpractice lawsuits.

·       It is very tricky when a patient gets injuries under anesthesia. The essence of administering the drug is to make the patient motionless so that the doctor can comfortably work on the body without movements or distractions.

When an injury occurs during this procedure, not only the judge and jury will wonder, but also everyone will be perplexed as to how negligence occurred in such a serene environment. This will make it difficult for a doctor or medical worker to defend them. There are times when a simple operation can lead to a severe case of a coma in patients. For instance, you could go to the hospital to seek a simple colonoscopy and then you end up with too much anesthesia in your system. This can lead to you staying in hospital for a few days for monitoring and supervision. It gets worse if the negligent doctors and medical workers take you to a recovery room and fail to offer proper care of this condition.

A medical malpractice lawyer would help to proof enormous negligence occurred. A qualified attorney will convince the court that there are ways to counter excess anesthesia. Failure to do that is gross misconduct that caused preventable death.

Every doctor should do everything in his power to ensure curing of a patient. Some doctors perform procedures under drug influence or under pressure and injure patients more. If this happens to you or your loved one, don’t hesitate to seek justice. A malpractice lawyer is your first step towards justice.