When someone injures you because of negligence or carelessness, you expect compensation for your injuries. Compensation is important so that you can recover from injuries and loss of income. While it is possible to file a lawsuit, there are times when the logical thing to do is to seek mediation.

Mediation is a great option because it does not involve the long and timely process of a court battle. Here are some things to expect:

1.    Low offers: As in all negotiations, there are times when the offer seems very low. This might not be enough to cater for your injuries as well as for pain and suffering. When this happens, the best thing that you need to do is to be patient because the process has just began.

2.    The legal terms: Mediation is indeed a legal process. This means that there are certain terms that you might not understand. In this case, you need to rely on your attorney so that he can explain to you all the terms that you do not understand.

3.    The process: Mediations consist of sessions of listening and responding. There are times when mediations can take a few hours. Others take days to come to an agreement. This is because there are times you will meet the mediator in a separate room and other times all parties will be present receiving offers and other information. This stage is known as caucusing.

4.    Compromise: If you would like the assistance of mediation, there is a time when you must compromise. Concessions are important for both parties so that you can come to an agreement and reach a solution.

5.    The trial or signature: In mediation, both parties can come to an agreement. One party will agree to compensate the other based on a certain amount. All parties then sign the agreement, which is binding to them. This signifies the end of the mediation process. However, if it reaches a point where any of the parties are unsatisfied and refuse to sign, the dispute will require settlement in court during a trial.

One thing that you should know about mediation is that both parties have agreed to meet and come up with a solution. It is not about who is at fault. When it comes to solving a problem, both parties need to communicate and adapt to the result of the mediation. The best thing about the entire process is that your attorney will be with you throughout the process to protect your interests.