When you suffer from severe back pain, it is common for the doctor to prescribe steroid injections to alleviate the pain. However, there are times when these injections can lead to serious consequences.  In this case, patients get fungal meningitis. The medication, methylprednisolone acetate assists in controlling pain in patients who suffer from joint disorders. Its use resulted to forty-seven meningitis patients, out of which five died. The number of deaths rose to eight people and one hundred and five cases of patients who suffered from meningitis.

According to the CDC, symptoms of the disease include headaches, fever and stiff neck. The medication shipment went to several states meaning that the number could still rise. By the time the lawsuit was filed, there were sixty-four deaths in twenty states. Such a case constituted to a product liability lawsuit. The New England Compounding Center, NECC, has now agreed to a one hundred million settlements to the victims and the families of the victims. The settlement means the following to the affected families:

1.    The plaintiff’s attorney will prove to the court that the injuries occurred because the product was dangerous.

2.    In cases where the victim dies, the company could be looking at a wrongful death lawsuit. The family members of the victim can file the lawsuit and seek compensation for the loss of their loved one.

3.    If the settlement is not able to satisfy all the individuals in the lawsuits, the judge has the legal right to reject it. In this case, every plaintiff would receive approximately thirty thousand dollars.

The settlement includes fifty million from owners of the NECC. Another ten million came from the tax refunds while more than twenty five million dollars came from the insurance company. Nine million dollars came from the sale of a company that was affiliated to the NECC.

The NECC shut down and filed bankruptcy to halt the many lawsuits that patients filed all over the country. If you are among the injured, it is important to seek medical attention. The cost of medical care will be among the damages that the court will award you during the settlement.

It is always important to ensure that you hire an attorney as soon as you suffer from injuries caused by defective products. Usually, these cases result in class action lawsuits because they affect many people in different locations. At the end of the day, the best recourse is to ensure that you have an attorney who has adequate experience in ensuring that you receive the amount awarded in the settlement.