When a car accident happens, someone must be held accountable for the victims’ injuries. Indeed, the victims will incur medical expenses and other costs that they need to recover. This means that the insurance company will assess the case so that the negligent party covers for the damages.

There are cases where negligence is shared between the drivers. In this case, the parties are liable for the injuries that arise from the accident. Therefore, when the plaintiff wins the case, he is able to collect the value from any of the defendants. Thus, the defendants can seek contribution from the other defendants.

For instance, if several people cause injuries to one person and the victim sues for compensation worth 10,000 dollars, the court will use joint and several liabilities to demand that one party pays the 10,000 dollars as compensation. Therefore, one party will seek contributions from the other two.

Here is what you need to know about joint and several liabilities:

1.    Joint and several liabilities require that that the plaintiff receives compensation from one of the defendants who in turn seeks contribution from the others. If the other defendants are not able to compensate the victim, the defendant will need to pay for the damages alone.

2.    This liability reduces the plaintiff’s risk of relying on one defendant to compensate him or her for the injuries. That means that should one defendant fail, or is not able to pay the damages, the responsibility is transferred to the other so that the plaintiff is compensated.

3.    If the defendant is judgment proof, the plaintiff will not be able to recover compensation.

It is common for joint and several liabilities to fully cost a defendant who might be blameless. This means that he will bear the entire burden since the rest are not in a capacity to do so. The best thing to do when you are the defendant is to seek the counsel of an attorney so that he can assist you.

For the plaintiff, you also need to hire an attorney so that he or she can assist you in filing the lawsuit. You will definitely need sufficient evidence to prove this claim and show how all the defendants are responsible. It is therefore important to rely on the attorney’s counsel no matter the side you find yourself. The attorney will explain this liability and assist you in recovering from the accident