Personal injury protection, PIP, is insurance cover that protects you from suffering financially after an accident. PIP will cover for medical expenses especially that which the health insurance does not cover. The coverage varies, depending on individual state. Most clients usually take this policy in cases where they have a basic health insurance. It is also a great solution in the event that a negligent driver who is underinsured causes the accident.

Here are some reasons why PIP is important:

1.    PIP also covers for loss of income or wages when the injuries are so severe that you cannot go back to work.

2.    If parents are involved in an accident and they have young children, the cover can include expenses for childcare.

3.     In case someone succumbs to injuries after the accident, PIP caters for funeral expenses.

The best thing about PIP is the fact that it caters for your injuries after an accident no matter who is at fault. However, the cover does not cater for injuries because of farm equipment, off road vehicles, motorcycles and injuries that were intentional.

PIP is not mandatory for all motorists. You have the right to accept it or reject it. The law requires that the insurance company should offer PIP to all motorists especially when they are renewing their auto insurance or looking for a better option. A company cannot issue new insurance policies unless the driver gets PIP. To reject PIP, you need to do write an official letter stating that you received an offer for the cover but you chose to reject it. Insurers can include the cover in replacement or renewal auto insurance policies only when clients have made a request.

Personal injury protection a minimum of ten thousand dollars in medical expenses per person injured during the accident. The cover is available for three years starting from the time the accident happened. When it comes to income, the cover will offer two hundred dollars a week for a year. Usually, victims of accidents disabled for two consecutive weeks can claim the cover. Funeral expenses covers are up to two thousand dollars while an offer of five thousand dollars maximum is available when there is loss of service.

Before signing on the dotted line, it is important to understand completely the policy and on how it will assist you when you are involved in an accident. You can consult with an attorney to explain to you the basics of the policy so that you can make the right choice.