The Americans with Disability Act, ADA, demands that all public accommodations and commercial facilities refrain from discriminating people based on their disabilities. The act stipulates that no one should be segregated, excluded or treated unequally because they are disabled. For someone to be covered by this act, he or she must have some form of impairment. This impairment must limit the person in participating in regular life activities. Autism is covered in this act.

Sixteen families are suing Disney for failing to adhere to the requirements of the ADA act. Here are some of the reasons why these families filed the lawsuit:

·       In the lawsuit, families claim that the park does not offer adequate access to visitors who suffer from autism. In the past, Disney offered guest assistance cards for visitors who suffered some form of disability. Currently, the cards are not available.

·       There are speculations that the program allowed visitors to cheat their way into Disney. In this case, people hired persons living with disabilities to cut in the queue.

·       When Disney noticed that people would cheat their way in, they came up with a new system called Disability Access Service Card. This card has a photo that only allows those with disability to cut in the queue. Parents with autistic children are of the opinion that the system does not consider children with autism. This is because they do not have the capacity to stand in line. Even when the time is set, parents still needed to go back to the line once they returned.

Disney did respond to the allegations of the parents who claimed that one of the most favorite places in the world for children was discriminatory against those who suffered from autism. They insisted that they complied with the ADA act and therefore the lawsuit had no merit. No matter the case, it is for the court to decide if Disney broke the law or not. 

Public accommodations need to adhere to the ADA act so that they are able to communicate effectively with people who have vision and hearing impairments. It is important for these institutions to check that their policies accommodate people living with disabilities. If you or your loved one suffers from any form of discrimination because of a disability, you have the right to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit. With the assistance of the attorney, the institution will compensate you for this discrimination.