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Big Rigs May Bet Speed Limiting Devices

Big rigs, truck trailers or semi-trucks usually weigh approximately 80,000 pounds and vary in length between 67 and 75 feet. Because of their bulk, big rigs account for a greater percentage of passenger car occupant fatalities than any other vehicle during an accident.

Portable Gas Cans Present Risk of Dangerous Explosions

Portable gas cans are important when your car runs out of gas in the middle of the road. This is usually a lifesaver when it is at night and there are no gas stations in sight. There are people who have these cans at home in their garages. They store gas for a rainy day.  Some of them use these cans to store gas for their lawn mowers. In the US, millions of consumers purchase portable gas cans for later use.

Study Warns MP3 Players Can Cause Hearing Damage

One of the most requested devices in the market are music players especially MP3 players. This is because people love music and connects to it in a way that sees them through the best and worst moments in their lives. It is difficult to find young people without these devices in their ears on a daily basis. The best thing about these devices is that they can be used anywhere; at home, office, when exercising and when doing chores in the home. MP3 players are also very popular because the sound system is one of a kind, allowing people to experience music in a unique way, as if you were there during the production.

Alcohol Swab and Pad Recall Lawsuits

A lawyer can review a potential lawsuit for you if you have suffered an infection arising from recently recalled alcohol swabs and pads. These might have been sold under some brand names and came with several injectable drugs. Alcohol swabs and pads can be contaminated by bacillus cereus and can result in serious and possibly fatal infections. You can experience skin infections or more other serious infections if bacteria are injected into your body by needles.

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