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POSTS TAGGED "medical device accident lawyers"

Finding a Defective Medical Device Lawyer to Help You

Human is to error therefore anything made by the human hands and mind cannot be 100 percent perfect. There are several types of devices like mechanical, scientific, biological and even medical devices.

Doctor Defends Da Vinci Robot

More than half a million Americans need surgery every year. These surgeries are minor operations that should not keep the patient in hospital for more than several weeks. In an effort to curb an extensive recovery time during minor operations, a medical device called Da Vinci robot was invented. It was licensed in 2005. The Da Vinci robot is also a great device to curb large incisions during these operations. The robot is mostly used in hysterectomies.

FDA Seeks to Strengthen Defibrillator Regulations Due to Device Failure and Malfunction

Initially intended to save lives, the defibrillator has in recent past been the cause of thousands of deaths. A defibrillator is a medical apparatus used to control the heartbeat by applying an electric current to the chest wall or directly to the heart. It is used to jumpstart the heart when it stops beating. Unfortunately, there have been tens of thousands of malfunctions that have resulted in either death or injury.

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