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Proposed Fungal Meningitis Settlement: $100M for Victims

When you suffer from severe back pain, it is common for the doctor to prescribe steroid injections to alleviate the pain. However, there are times when these injections can lead to serious consequences.  In this case, patients get fungal meningitis. The medication, methylprednisolone acetate assists in controlling pain in patients who suffer from joint disorders. Its use resulted to forty-seven meningitis patients, out of which five died. The number of deaths rose to eight people and one hundred and five cases of patients who suffered from meningitis.

New Study: Januvia May Increase Pre-Cancerous Activity among Diabetics

Januvia is a drug used to slow down metabolism of incretins hormone so that it remains in the user’s blood steam for a longer time. When this happens, it reduces the level of blood sugar in the body. This increases the activity of this hormone. Patients who suffer from diabetes cannot produce this hormone on their own. Merck & Co. is the manufacturer of the drug.

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