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Is it legal for NY doctors to treat patients that come here from legal surrogacy law states to become surrogate mothers for NY folks?

Having a baby completes the family for some couples. There are people who believe that couples that have children are happier than those who don’t. It usually is the next step for couples that are committed to each other. However, there are times when the couple cannot conceive because of fertility issues. In the past, these couples chose to adopt or live without kids. With advancement in science, couples now have the chance to have a baby that looks like them and carries their genes through surrogacy.

Can you Sue the Lab for Not Performing a Time Sensitive Test?

When you fall sick or require a test to assess the condition of your body, the doctor will take a blood sample or test other body fluids. This sample will then be taken to the lab. A diagnosis is then reached based on the lab tests and then treatment follows.

Hospital Sued Over Patient Records Posted on Facebook

Does a hospital have permission to post your information on social media or generally post it anywhere? Well, posting it on a bulletin board outside the office would be a bit nice but Facebook is just showcasing to the rest of the world information about the patient. Shawntelle Turley was treated for syphilis at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Things were good so far, until her medical bills and diagnosis were spotted having been shared on a Facebook page called ‘Team No Hoes’.

Can You Sue Someone for Giving You an STD?

Sexually transmitted infections can do a number on your health not to mention your personal image. Others are deadly without any cure- HPV, HIV, Hepatitis and others that people talk about in hushed tones are included in this list. What would you do to someone who infects you with an STD? Well, you can file a lawsuit against him or her. STD related lawsuits are not so common because people fear the stigma that comes with revelation of having these diseases.

Medical Malpractice Anaesthesia Errors

If you fall sick and you do require surgery, anaesthesia is necessary to ensure that you are asleep when they operate on you. Usually, the surgeons need to open your chest or the part of the body that needs surgery. You can imagine how painful that would be if there was no anaesthesia.


When you go to hospital because you feel sick, you expect that the doctor will carry out a test, write a diagnosis and then treat you for the condition. You hardly think that you will suffer from injuries simply because the doctor was careless.

Physicians Turmoil in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

It is the joy of every physician to pass medical school and to become a doctor.  You take an oath that makes you responsible for the care and safety of your patient. The hospital is definitely a stressful environment especially when you are working more than ten hours every day. You are responsible for your patient as well as the nurses offering healthcare while under your watch. This is definitely a huge responsibility.

FDA Sets Rules for Smartphone Medical Apps

Mobile apps are helping people in everyday life, as Dr. Jeffrey Shuren, director of Center for Devices and Radiological Health, which is part of FDA, said in a news conference. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration set rules that tries to draw a line between which medical apps for Smartphone will undergo regulation and which ones will not. The FDA said it would focus on those apps that are capable of turning a phone into actual diagnosis tool. 

FDA Updates Safety Warning for St. Jude Amplatzer Device, Noting It Can Cause Deadly Condition

When a baby is born, the upper chambers of the heart close naturally. This ensures that oxygenated and deoxygenated blood does not mix. When this does not happen, the child has a hole in the heart. This means there is a space between the atria that did not close after the birth of the child. When there is space between the atria, oxygenated and deoxygenated blood mixes. This means that oxygen will not be delivered to the rest of the body organs.  One of the solutions to this problem is the St Jude atrial septal occluder.  St. Jude “Amplatzer” Atrial Septal Occluder is a small mesh ring that is inserted into the atria to repair atrial septal defect.

Combination of Aspirin, Plavix No Help in Stroke Prevention and Raised Risk of Bleeding, Death

Plavix commonly known as Clopidogrel and aspirin does not assist in preventing strokes. The studies were to determine whether lacunar strokes are preventable. This stroke occurs in small vessels of blood found in the brain. This stroke occurs when someone suffers from severe high blood pressure. This stroke mostly affects people with diabetes.

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