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PIP (Personal Injury Protection)-What is it?

Personal injury protection, PIP, is insurance cover that protects you from suffering financially after an accident. PIP will cover for medical expenses especially that which the health insurance does not cover. The coverage varies, depending on individual state. Most clients usually take this policy in cases where they have a basic health insurance. It is also a great solution in the event that a negligent driver who is underinsured causes the accident.

Definitions of Personal Injury Insurance Terminology

The claimant will inform the insurance company of the incidence by sending them a demand letter. A demand letter is a document that is sent to the insurance company by the claimant or victim to notify them of the injuries suffered and financial losses or expenses and then request for compensation. This letter will contain all the facts that lead to the accident or incident and the treatment that was received thereafter for the injuries suffered as a result of that incident.

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