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Defective Medical Devices Archives

Seven Critical Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Car Defect Lawyer

There are plenty of good lawyers out there but not all of them are good at all cases. Everyone has a niche and therefore if you want to hire an attorney for a car defect case then you had better ask some questions. These questions will help you identify an effective lawyer who will handle your case with all that it takes.

PIP (Personal Injury Protection)-What is it?

Personal injury protection, PIP, is insurance cover that protects you from suffering financially after an accident. PIP will cover for medical expenses especially that which the health insurance does not cover. The coverage varies, depending on individual state. Most clients usually take this policy in cases where they have a basic health insurance. It is also a great solution in the event that a negligent driver who is underinsured causes the accident.

Parents of Autistic Kids Sue Disney over Policy

The Americans with Disability Act, ADA, demands that all public accommodations and commercial facilities refrain from discriminating people based on their disabilities. The act stipulates that no one should be segregated, excluded or treated unequally because they are disabled. For someone to be covered by this act, he or she must have some form of impairment. This impairment must limit the person in participating in regular life activities. Autism is covered in this act.

Medical Malpractice s Anesthesia Your Most Dangerous Enemy?

Anesthesia is important to ensure that a patient does not feel pain during a medical procedure. Major medical procedures like surgery require anesthesia. This is because procedures might proof to be very painful. Any chance to prevent the pain while the procedure is ongoing is God sent. Therefore, anesthesia is a safe and effective way of easing pain during most medical procedures.

Proposed Fungal Meningitis Settlement: $100M for Victims

When you suffer from severe back pain, it is common for the doctor to prescribe steroid injections to alleviate the pain. However, there are times when these injections can lead to serious consequences.  In this case, patients get fungal meningitis. The medication, methylprednisolone acetate assists in controlling pain in patients who suffer from joint disorders. Its use resulted to forty-seven meningitis patients, out of which five died. The number of deaths rose to eight people and one hundred and five cases of patients who suffered from meningitis.

Personal Injury Mediation: 5 Things to Expect

When someone injures you because of negligence or carelessness, you expect compensation for your injuries. Compensation is important so that you can recover from injuries and loss of income. While it is possible to file a lawsuit, there are times when the logical thing to do is to seek mediation.

Finding a Defective Medical Device Lawyer to Help You

Human is to error therefore anything made by the human hands and mind cannot be 100 percent perfect. There are several types of devices like mechanical, scientific, biological and even medical devices.

Connecticut Hospital Ordered to Pay $12M in Medical Malpractice Case

Vivian Gagliano, a woman from Connecticut received a twelve million dollars reward from the jury during a medical malpractice case. This is because the doctor was negligent during a hernia operation. The said doctor punctured the woman’s colon. This left her with a permanent injury.

Municipalities Need to Monitor & Respond to Changing Conditions

There is a saying that the only permanent thing in life is change. When time for change comes, it is important to make adjustments for your own safety. A case in point is roads. If you have been keen enough to assess the situation on the roads, you will discover that traffic has doubled. Indeed, the streets are very lively but nobody wants to attend the event. Being stuck in traffic is a nuisance, time wasting and costly.

Is it legal for NY doctors to treat patients that come here from legal surrogacy law states to become surrogate mothers for NY folks?

Having a baby completes the family for some couples. There are people who believe that couples that have children are happier than those who don’t. It usually is the next step for couples that are committed to each other. However, there are times when the couple cannot conceive because of fertility issues. In the past, these couples chose to adopt or live without kids. With advancement in science, couples now have the chance to have a baby that looks like them and carries their genes through surrogacy.

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