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Skin Grafts & Hernia Repair

Have You Experienced Complications After a Skin Graft?

Trauma to the skin — often caused by infections, burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and tissue scars from cancer operations — can leave an open wound. When this wound is unable to heal on its own, it must be repaired. Most often, this is done through a skin graft by taking healthy skin from one area of the body and using it to create a protective barrier on the damaged area. But sometimes it is not possible to use the patient's skin, so synthetic tissue or a mix of tissue from cadavers and other materials must be used instead.

Unfortunately, some of these skin tissue products have been found to be defective — especially when used in procedures for which they were not originally designed. Some of these products are promoted for the repair of abdominal hernias. When used this way, hernias can reappear, causing significant pain and requiring additional surgery.

If you have received synthetic skin tissue or a type of surgical tissue mesh and noticed increasing complications, we can help. At Trolman, Glaser & Lichtman, P.C., our attorneys will represent patients who have been harmed during skin grafts and by dangerous synthetic tissues. We work with an experienced team in bringing medical malpractice and product liability lawsuits in courts throughout New York State. Our skin graft injury lawyers are equipped to achieve the best possible results in these matters, including favorable settlements and jury verdicts for victims and their families. We fight, you win.

To learn how we can help you, schedule a free consultation today by calling 212-750-1200, or sending us an e-mail.

Reported Problems With AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix

In recent years, a number of concerns have been raised about AlloDerm's mesh and skin graft product and its uses. Not only is it used in skin graft procedures for burn victims, but it is also commonly used for procedures involving the heart, other tissues, corneas and a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries such as hernia repair.

Use of AlloDerm and similar products — like the Composix Kugel mesh patch — in repairing hernias has been linked to pain, swelling, infection and tearing of the mesh and tissue used, as well as hernia recurrence. To fix these problems, patients often have to undergo additional surgeries.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by AlloDerm or a similar product, call 212-750-1200.

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